There's nothing like 'Keeping It real' and the artistic satisfaction of removing the very last substandard album from all stores / streaming sites worldwide. 

In the old days of CDs, records and the like once you released an album you were kinda stuck with it.

For those of you that know I released a number of albums that I originally thought were good; but having sobered up in that past year or so and developed a new perspective on life, music and who I am, I have two albums I am proud of.

'A Long Time Coming' and 'Rockin' On A level Surface' have both done very well; probably because I was sober when I recorded them, either way I have deleted tons of material in the past year from all platforms to clear the scribble and make way for better things to come.

Some of the albums I deleted actually got good reviews; but to be honest reviews can't possibly tell you what to think of something, that is up to you, we all hear things differently a perfect example is I like Paul McCartney and my wife is not to enthused; that is fine and it doesn't take away the quality of the music it's just different strokes for different folks and why I won't ask for or acknowledge any reviews in the future, even the good ones, it's irrelevant to a degree.

Now we have the 'old business' out of the way I am excited to officially announce the new single 'Top Secret' will be released on all platforms on June 30th 2022 and a new album in December 2022.

Both of which feature some previously released / deleted material along with some brand new songs so it will be a good package and with my other two albums, something I am proud to share with you.


I am so grateful for all of the support I have received and will do my best to make things worth listening to in the future...

Stay tuned and have a cool and bodacious day!

Craig P...

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