Face The Music the new album for Craig Payne and the only release for 2024... find it on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes only...

‘Face The Music’ is the 5th studio album from Christchurch, New Zealand based, Multi-Instrumentalist / Singer Songwriter Craig Payne since his musical and personal reinvention in 2021. After a well-documented purge of material Craig felt was simply not good enough, as well as confronting alcohol and depression issues in early 2021, Craig came back strong with the album ‘A Long Time Coming’ in December 2021 and hasn’t looked back since.

The new album was produced by Craig Payne under the guidance of brother-in-law Michael Graham who happened to be in New Zealand for a couple of weeks.

Michael Graham has a strong background in music production including being the Chief Engineer at The Lodge Studios, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; a world-class recording studio that has recorded artists including John Legend, Jack Johnson, Eminem and Weezer.

Michael brought out the best in the songs offering a new approach from how Craig’s previous albums have been produced with plenty of new dimensions and techniques as well as a fresh perspective on how the finished album should sound.

When Michael returned to Indianapolis the finished mixes were sent to him, the final mastering was completed, and the tracks sent back to be uploaded to the distributor who is also based in the USA.

The album took just over four months to record, mix and master with many of the tracks being sourced from Craig’s ever-growing catalogue that has built up over the past few years.

‘Face The Music’ is a diverse set of songs, brought together with the collaborative energy of two like-minded individuals, which has given this album a unique identity, purpose as well as a new direction forward for Craig Payne.

‘Face The Music’ will go ‘live’ on June 1st 2024…


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